An Holistic Approach to Health and Well-being

So very often we get stuck in life not knowing where to go or which direction to take……….

Connect to Earth uses an holistic approach to assist clients to connect to the energies of earth and so strengthen their energy body. Staying connected and in-tune with vital life force energy. We also look at current thought patterns and beliefs and how it inhibits one’s ability to take the necessary action to grow and move forward in life.

About Me

My name is Charlotte,

I am certified Reiki Master Practitioner and Life Coach. I have been on this journey of spiritual growth and development since 2015.

My understanding of energy and the use thereof has since grown to a level where I have been able to strengthen and expand by energy body to connect to others over fast distances.

Distant healing is where I am truly in my element and brings me the most joy in the work that I do.

Through my own journey I have faced many challenges, had to work through numerous old limiting beliefs and had to re-program my subconscious mind to find peace and joy.

I believe that healing and growth is an holistic approach where the body, mind and spirit needs to be brought into balance. No area stands in isolation, if one is left out of the equation it will affect another, resulting in the same repetitive cycles.

I hope to share my insights gained through my own journey and so assist others on theirs.

“One who conquers himself is greater than another who conquers a thousand times a thousand men on the battlefield. Be victorious over yourself and not over others.” - Buddha

Services Offered

My services consist of a 45 minute Energy Therapy (or Energy Massage for in-person session) and 45 minute Coaching Session. This is available both in-person and online.

I also offer group Grounding Meditation Sessions. Please watch my Facebook page for the next event.

Please visit my blog where I share resources and tips which has helped me on my journey.

Energy Therapy

A hands on healing technique where the energy body is grounded to the energies of earth. Recipient is fully clothed during the session. The auric field is cleansed and the energy body strengthened.

Benefits: Deep relaxation, relief from stress & tension, increased energy vibration, clears the mind and helps to become fully present, greater awareness of intuition and connection to higher-self, overall health and vitality, detoxify’s the body both physically and energetically.

Life Coaching

The Coaching Sessions are there to assist you in your current situation where you might feel stuck or feel that you are repeating destructive cycles in your life. We look at your current thought patters and how it is affecting you to move forward and grow in life.

A coach is someone that walks the path beside you. Helping you to find solutions to problems you may face and cheer you on in becoming a better version of yourself.

Energetic Massage

Enjoy a Full Body Energetic Massage with warm, rejuvenating, therapeutic massage oil, scented with a soothing blend of essential oils that’s created to induce a state of pure relaxation and well-being. Just as in the energy therapy we focus on grounding and strengthening the energy body and clearing the auric field.

Benefits: Deep relaxation, relief from stress & tension, clears the mind and helps to become fully present, greater awareness of intuition and connection to higher-self, improves blood circulation, detoxify’s the body both physically and energetically, may help in the alleviation of muscle stiffness.

Contact Us

Contact today to book your free consultation session and move forward to become a more grounded, balanced and healed version of yourself.

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Call us at +27 848124262

Situated in The Reeds, Centurion, Johannesburg


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